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Sit down and relax!

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Welcome to Wiki Expert. You came here to talk about communication tools, knowledge management, wikis, social networks, blah blah BLAH....right?

Stop. Sit down. Relax. Feel the cool breeze drift in and through the open door. Breathe deep, and smell the familiar mixture of cologne, the shaving cream, the happy stench of that guy a few seats down that hasn't bathed--mixed with the sounds of metal drumming against the sink, the din of the TV blabbing out stuff that is outside the place you are inside, the scraping rasp of burly whiskers cut down to size by a blade that is only a few micros thick at the edge...

Now, I put a nice hot towel around your head while you clear your mind. When you are ready, start the conversation here!


the above image comes from the library of congress