Meet WikiExpert, the professional marketplace.

Optimized for finding and selling expertise online.

There is a massive dormant wealth on expertise waiting to be unlocked.


There is no effective and trustworthy way to present individual expertise, get discovered, connect and transact online. Experts also need support to migrate from an offline environment to online mode.


When looking for expertise, clients encounter a inhomogeneous world, with limited access to experts, at best, dispersed across multiple platforms mostly aimed at physical meetings/sessions.


No solution exists to seamlessly provide individual session-based expertise to clients.

WikiExpert is the solution!

Experts can present themselves the best way and clients will easily find them

  • Full profile page with a strong emphasis on the content experts create
  • Positive social network environment

Connecting with clients is a click away

  • Video call and booking
  • Private and secure

Doing business the smart way

  • Automatic payments
  • CRM features

The full solution for Experts and Clients

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